Engagement Story

On Sunday March 31 at around 6pm on Point Pleasant Beach, the love of my life asked me to marry him in a very romantic way.  He wrote his proposal in the sand and got down on one knee and asked me the happiest question of my life “Will You Marry Me?” As I stood there crying and Jayden stood there with a big smile on her face in the background, I said yes(probably about 3 times) I was so happy!!  It was so unexpected and so beautiful as the rain was drizzling down and the ocean with its usual serene sounds.  It was such a perfect moment that I will forever cherish!

There was a lot of behind the scenes going on before this proposal that I was unaware of, and when I heard of everything I was surprised to hear that I knew nothing about what was going to happen.  Well on Wednesday nights I usually go to Monmouth University for my last masters class(can’t wait until its over and I graduate) and Al was working a little late and Jayden was at my mothers house cooking and prepping for our Easter Sunday Brunch.  As I was talking to Al on the phone he said he was going to the Freehold mall to pick up cologne and by the time he left I would already be at school.  Well, this wasn’t the case at all, he was up in Woodbridge picking up my beautiful engagement ring.  The next night he headed to my parents to pick up Jayden and while rushing Jayden in the car he was able to privately let my mom preview the ring.

The next thing I’m going to tell you is probably the most heart warming sentiment.  So before he made the arrangements of a proposal, he wanted to make sure Jayden would be ok with me as her step mom   Although occasionally she calls me her step mom and I consider her like my daughter you never know how she really felt about me.  So this is how it went Al asked Jayden if she would be ok with me as a step mom (even though she calls me evil sometimes..sarcastically lol) because he loved me very much and wanted to make sure she loved me too!  She said it would make her very happy to have me as a step mom (i’m crying writing this and every time I tell the story).   After Jayden’s approval and my moms approval of the ring he had one more big question to ask before the big proposal, My Dads!  So Saturday, My parents and Al and I went to my Aunt Lisa’s 50th Surprise Birthday and he had planned to ask him there if they got a moment alone but that didn’t happen of course.  So Easter Sunday, which was also my dad’s birthday we were headed over there for a brunch.    It was quite a busy morning with getting everything ready and then us all enjoying the great food that everyone had brought.  The three of us were there along with my brother his fiancee and there son Nicolas and my Aunt Karen and her three girls were there.  The neighbors had stopped by too!  It was a really nice time!  Al, was trying to get a moment with my dad all morning but it wasn’t until we decided to head up to the beach and when Al was packing up the car to head out that he finally got a moment.  My dad was more than thrilled that Al had asked for my hand in marriage and that he was going to be his future son in law (as my mom says the favorite future son in law)  with that, they both teared up and that makes me the happiest to know that the most important men in my life both agreed on making me the happiest woman in the world!

~~So with everyone’s approval he gathered the courage to pop the question!  and I said “Yes!”

vlcsnap-2013-04-11-14h39m41s51       Ring Picture


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