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                  Welcome to our newest addition to our family!!  Al, Jayden and I(Jet and Molly too) are very excited to let everyone in on all our plans for our new house that we bought in October 2012.  We got off to a rough start with major speed bumps with a so called mortgage professional, inexperienced appraisers and bad septic reports that all took about 5 months to settle(stressful was not even the word).   In the meantime I broke my leg and Al swears I was just trying to get out of moving(Well, not exactly but it was fun supervising).  So, our big move was October 19 and that was a week before Hurricane Sandy, we moved just in time for our family and friends to find shelter who were affected by the storm.  That night we had 8 dogs and 15 people safe in our new home and we had a good night playing cards and Al being the cook that he is made everyone dinner and cupcakes.  

                So back to the objective, we have created this as a journal to our journey as we go through the many projects and sort through the many ideas that we come across in the creation of making this structure of a house into a comforting, memory filled, welcoming home for us to enjoy and share with others.  We would love for you to be part of our most proud accomplishment and our journey along the way along with sharing your ideas and criticism as they are always welcomed(the good kind 😉 ).

Thank you for visiting

~~Toniann Ippolito(& Jet)~~ and on behalf of Alfred & Jayden Comello(& Molly too!)


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