Been a While..

So I really haven’t been on here since planning the Engagement Party..So here is kind of a run down since then..The Engagement Party as everyone who went knows, went amazing and the weather was so gorgeous.  We had a great time with everyone and was so happy to see everyone.  Stuff in the house has kind of calmed down for the summer as we are trying to enjoy every minute we can.  We have been going to the dog beach, Great Adventure (since it is right around the corner), and enjoying family and friends with get togethers.

Everyone keeps asking me how the wedding planning is going and honestly it is going kind of nonchalantly.  Since we  are having the beach ceremony in Aruba and not having the reception until next spring/summer there is not a lot for me to do.  I have been in contact with a planner down in Aruba who will be putting the ceremony together but it is pretty low key and everything is kind of done by them, which I have to say is kind of nice just show up say your nuptials, cry a little(well that will be me-miss emotional mess) and enjoy our vacation!  This will be my 12th time in Aruba and Al’s 2nd so we are very excited to go back down to this beautiful island where we can create a beautiful moment that will last a lifetime!

November 24th can’t come soon enough!

Aruba Beach Wedding


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